Alejandra Rincón, Ph.D. is the 2006 recipient of the Human Relations Award conferred by the National Association of College Admissions Counseling (NACAC). The NACAC award celebrates someone who dedicates themselves to making postsecondary education opportunities available to historically underrepresented students. In 2006, she also received the Advocacy Award granted by the Chicano/Latino Law Student Association at the University of Texas at Austin.

Having earned her doctorate in Education Administration, she is an avid advocate for immigrant rights in the educational system. She has developed programs to encourage Latino and immigrant high school students to attend college. Working for over six years with two of Texas' largest school districts, she was active in the passage and implementation of Texas legislation that allows undocumented high school students to attend Texas colleges at in-state tuition rates. During her time in Texas she also served as the advisor of Jóvenes Imigrantes por Futuro Mejor, an association of immigrant college students throughout Texas.

She currently lives and works in California where she continues to work with individuals and organizations to make higher education available for immigrant students and to support changes in federal legislation that would provide documentation to allow this youth to work and live in the United States.